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Commercial Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorination Services, Water Treatment & Legionella Control services.

Advanced Water Technologies is one of the UK's leading companies in the provision of Legionella Control and Water Treatment services and equipment. The company was founded over 15 years ago and is independently owned, retaining many of its original customers from that time which after many years is testimony to the high standards of care, service and value for money that we provide.

With regional offices based conveniently close to major industrial areas in Sheffield and London we are able to provide comprehensive UK wide coverage of Legionella Managementand Chemical Water Treatment for all types of water systems.

We can provide a full domestic and process water management programme such as risk assessments and monitoring to cover all aspects of Legionella Control and legislative compliance. We can also provide specific water treatment packages to ensure efficient running of plant.

As specialists in the provision of chlorine dioxide systems and chemicals we are able to tailor a specific potable or process water treatment system to meet your specific needs.

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is where Advanced Water Technologies provide a complete commercial solution covering Chlorine Dioxide Generators, Generator Components, Generator Selection, Technical Information and Installation Equipment. Each of these areas are covered in great detail on our dedicated Chlorine Dioxide Website where information tables and schematics are also available.

Chlorination Services Chlorination Services

Advanced Water Technologies use directly employed, highly trained staff with relevant qualifications, such as the "Water Hygiene Blue Card", to ensure you have the confidence in our services.

Chlorine Dioxide EquipmentChlorine Dioxide Equipment

Advanced Water Technologies can provide a bespoke generator system to suit your requirement. Our Chlorine Dioxide generators are one of the safest and most reliable generators available.

Cooling Tower Water TreatmentCooling Tower Water Treatment

We have over 15 years experience in managing large and small scale cooling tower plants in heavy industry, food and dairy manufacturing, public sector systems and private companies.

Legionella Risk AssessmentsLegionella Risk Assessments

Advanced Water Technologies specialise in quality risk assessments of all water systems. Unlike many companies we provide a fully bespoke risk assessment and management program for your site.

Steam Boiler Water TreatmentSteam Boiler Water Treatment

Advanced Water Technologies specialise in quality risk assessments of all water systems. Unlike many companies we provide a fully bespoke risk assessment and management program for your site.

The Legionella Control Association
ISO 9001 Registered
ISO 14001 Registered
safecontactor Award

Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Usually, disinfection is the first step of pathogen reduction, in order to continue operating a drinking water installation. Using Oxiperm Pro ensures reliable removal of the biofilm with all pathogens and Legionella present in piping and prevents re-infestation. For decontamination, disinfection represents only a part of the accompanying measures, e.g. constructional modifications. Oxiperm Pro OCD-162-5 and -10 Chlorine Dioxide systems are designed for small or medium-sized buildings with water flows up to 25m3/h.Oxiperm Pro OCD-162-30 Chlorine Dioxide and Oxiperm Pro OCD 162-60 Chlorine Dioxide systems are suited for disinfection tasks in waterworks or applications in the food and beverage industry. Typically a Chlorine Dioxide Generator consists of a Measuring and control unit, Reaction tank, Reservoir tank, Absorption filter, Dosing pump for sodium chlorite, Dosing pump for hydrochloric acid, Dosing pump for chlorine dioxide, Solenoid valve for dilution water, Suction set, Dilution water line, Chemical tank (not in standard delivery) and a Collecting tray (not in standard delivery).

Chlorine Dioxide Generator Components

Chlorine Dioxide Generator Components. A typical Chlorine Dioxide Generator unit will consist of a Dilution Device, Flow Meter, Dosing System, Chlorine Dioxide Meter and the all important Safety Equipment. This would be backed up by a maintenance kit.

Chlorine Dioxide Generator Selection

The selection of generator can be supported by the information presented within this website. Entire project management can be handled by Advanced Water Technologies. Ongoing service, chemical delivery and technical support is provided with seamless integration for Chlorine Dioxide generators. Call one of our in-house specialists to discuss your Chlorine Dioxide requirements and arrange a free site visit.

Chlorine Dioxide Technical Information

Technical Information for Chlorine Dioxide generators and equipment - We can provide a significant level of technical information for electrical and electronic data, including analogue inputs and outputs, digital inputs and other data.

Chlorine Dioxide Installation Equipment

Installation Information for Chlorine Dioxide generators and equipment - Preparation and one dosing pot, Oxiperm® Pro basic module with optional measuring cell for chlorine dioxide in cold water or with a bypass of the configuration for two dosing pots. Some of these can also come with a bypass option, and also a several dosing pots option complete with a Batch Tank.

Chlorine Dioxide - Chlorination Services - Cooling Tower Water Treatment - Legionella Risk - Boiler Water Treatment

Our expertise in the chemical and mechanical treatment programmes for water and process systems is undertaken to the highest standards. At Advanced Water Technologies we have many years experience in the areas listed below. Entire project management can be handled by Advanced Water Technologies. Ongoing service, chemical delivery and technical support is provided with seamless integration.

  • Chlorine Dioxide Equipment
  • Chlorination Services
  • Cooling Water Tower treatment
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Steam Boiler Water Treatment

Chlorine Dioxide & Pathogens

Legionella are rod-shaped bacteria that enter drinking water systems and start to reproduce. Especially in temperatures between 30°C and 40°C Legionella reproduce quickly. The bacteria can enter the lungs when a person inhales aerosols containing Legionella when showering. They can cause a life-threatening form of pneumonia known as Legionellosis. The ideal breeding ground for Legionella in drinking water systems can be found in biofilm, a slimy layer on the inside of water pipes, where other pathogens also build up and reproduce. Legionella also establish themselves in amoebae, which offer them protection against conventional disinfection methods.

Chlorination Services

Advanced Water Technologies have the expertise to not only carry out chlorination disinfections in such situations but also to carry out risk assessments and advise on best operating practice to clients in order to enable them to maintain high standards of water quality and hygiene. Advanced Water Technologies can carry out Chlorination Services to the highest standards within the industry and issue you with the necessary disinfection certificate.