Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

Chemical water treatment is a vital part of cooling tower management to prevent both the build up of Legionella and to prolong the service life of components.

Advanced Water Technologies Ltd has its own chemical and equipment manufacturing capability at our head office facility in Sheffield which allows us to formulate or construct chemicals and equipment specifically to cater for a wide range of water treatment scenarios.

A complete water treatment programme based on the physical and operating parameters for the cooling system and a thorough analysis of the make-up water should be established. The components of the water treatment programme should be environmentally acceptable and comply with any local discharge requirements.

It is important to ensure that water treatment programmes have sufficient range of adjustment to cope with any potential variations in make-up water supply quality. This enables control to be maintained. Failure to take account of variations in quality may lead to the rapid development of uncontrolled microbiological conditions within the cooling system.

Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment

There are a number of factors which will influence the effectiveness of any treatment programme:

  • Corrosion
  • Scale Formation
  • Fouling
  • Microbiological Activity

All components of the treatment programme should preferably be dosed by pump or eductor (sometimes referred to as an ejector) systems or by a suitable halogen dosing system such as a brominator. This will minimise health and safety risks to operators and ensure that frequencies and rates of application are maintained as recommended.

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