Chlorinating Mains Water

Under the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999 (SI 1999, 1148), you will be required to disinfect your pipe work prior to connection. The disinfection must be carried out to ‘BS8558’. This is to ensure there is no detriment to public health.

New supplies should be:

Chlorinating Mains Water

Advanced Water Technologies can carry out this work to the highest standards within the industry and issue you with the necessary disinfection certificate. The ‘certificate’ will give the following information.

  • Confirmation the work has been carried out to BS8558
  • Confirmation that the pipe has been swabbed and flushed prior to disinfection (where possible)
  • The chlorine level of the source water
  • The chlorine level after dosing
  • The contact time
  • The chlorine level after contact
  • The chlorine level after flushing
  • The diameter and length of pipe disinfected
  • The source of the water used
  • The sample location point
  • Where possible diagrams will be made

Once completed samples will be taken and sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for testing to confirm the effectiveness of our works, a copy of this is supplied with our chlorination certificate on completion.

For further information about Chlorinating Mains Water please call us on 01246 813110 or email - Alternatively you can complete our online enquiry form.